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Home Design

Style and Design: The Standard Principles of Beautifying Your Home

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Home DesignEvery room is an opportunity to create a lasting and positive impression on your guests or relatives. But it’s not merely about looks, especially if you’re going to remodel a home with the intention of living in it. This article shares the basic principles of style and design to guide you in your quest to achieving beautiful, functional rooms.

Theme – Amateur designers often misunderstand this word. It’s not as simple as choosing a look like you’re deciding what outfit to wear at a costume party. A theme sets the mood for people once they enter the room. It can give them a feeling of excitement, hunger, rest or creativity. So the next time you select an Asian-inspired interior design or a Country theme, you should also aim for a mood that follows your preferred theme.

Comfort – In the end, you want you and your family to live comfortably with your design. Choose items that are capable of providing you with real comfort and not just fancy services. If a chair can’t help you relax but can swivel, play music, and store ice, it’s having an identity crisis and is better off in a science exhibit. Aim for functionality over looks, such as the white roller blinds offered by You may also want to buy sturdy furnishings over three-in-one lamps or heavy, overly decorated drapes.

Focus – Every room, no matter what fancy item you place in it, needs to have a focal point, even a few. When you enter a museum, mall, or classroom, there are objects or groupings of objects that call to your attention the most. It might not be the only things worth looking at but they’re in pride of place, calling to people. TVs and consoles, art pieces, fountains or a table can stand as your objet d’art.

As stated above, these are principles that will help guide you in your choices. The true test is when you listen to both your creative and practical side. Let your planning be thoughtful and with purpose, not merely to impress but to offer a comfortable residence for yourself and those you love.

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