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window and curtain

Stylish, Privacy-Increasing Home Enhancements

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window and curtainThe privacy of the home is something you always want to keep and preserve for safety and peace of mind. With so many windows, doors and openings, however, it’s hard to keep prying eyes out of your property’s interiors.

Uncovered or untreated windows can leave you feeling vulnerable, and can also attract the attention of unwanted guests, such as burglars and home invaders.

Fortunately, experts have several recommendations on how you can keep things private in your home without sacrificing design and style.


The Australian Government recommends adding passive shade to your home using various plants. Apart from the shading properties of deciduous vines, hedges and other plants, correct placement combined with proper height also boosts privacy.

With the right height, these can block views of outsiders and even serve as fences, without sacrificing your view from the inside. Well-maintained plants also boost curb value.

Window Tinting

More than an accessory for cars, window tints are one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost home privacy. When it comes to window tinting, Perth companies and other local professionals will tell you that apart from the tint, the coating also strengthens windows and other glass surfaces you put it on.

Tinting minimises visibility of outsiders, reduces the amount of harmful UV radiation entering your home, prevents skin cancer, and keeps the beauty of your expensive furnishings. What’s more, it doesn’t block your view of the outside and doesn’t affect your home’s design that much.

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains come in different styles and designs, so you won’t have hard time finding one that complements your home’s existing décor.

Keep in mind, though, that curtains are fragile and attract a lot of dirt and dust, so they need frequent washing, maintenance, and replacement.

Blinds are popular alternatives to curtains because these are more durable and require less maintenance. While a bit more expensive and tedious to install than curtains, blinds prove to be a great addition for boosting privacy and design.

Privacy in the home is important, but that does not mean the house needs to suffer aesthetic-wise.

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