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Roof Terrace

The Summer Retreat: Turn Your Terrace into the Perfect Getaway Spot

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Roof TerraceIt is always sunny in Florida, even during the winter. And now that summer is coming, it is about to get hotter. For many people, the beach is the perfect getaway for every season. But, there is always an alternative. How about turning your house terrace into a summer resort? You do not have to be an architectural or home design expert to think of ideas. About Floors n More shares some ways to turn this exciting concept into reality.

The Terrace

A terrace, by definition, is “a level paved area or platform next to a building.” Hence this structure can be built outside and separate from your house’ main building. It can be accessed through a number of ways, including catwalks or a staircase from the ground. The height of the platform is also beneficial to get a great view of the neighborhood and enjoy the fresh summer breeze.

The Garden

A retreat is about peace. Summer is about bright colors. What better way to combine the two than with the presence of nature in the form of plants and other shrubbery. Adding your personal garden into the terrace would give you that feeling brought only by the outdoors.

The Furniture

The terrace, in comparison to a balcony, is much more spacious in that it could hold social events. To create this concept of a personal retreat, you can put in your choice of furniture such as benches, long feasting tables, coffee or end tables along with their complement of chairs to the mix. With these in place, guests can sit themselves for the cocktail party.

The Rails

As the terrace is a raised platform, there is obviously a danger of guests or any person falling off. Part of the terrace design includes building safety railings, walls or balustrades on the side. You may consult with the local balustrading companies for this. Choose a design which will suit your taste and the theme of the summer retreat.

The Flooring

People use their feet to get around, and what they step on contributes to much of what they feel. When designing the terrace you can go for the more organic choices such as wood, which will give it the appearance of decking. You can also choose tiling. There are sure to be many local ceramic tiles companies in the area.

The Roof

It is sunny, and it can get blazing hot. Though the terrace is an open space, do not forget to include at least some semblance of roofing in the place. It can rain, or the heat may rise up to a temperature undesirable for outdoor activity. You may invest on awnings, or large table umbrellas to provide shade for your retreat.

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