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Tokyo Living

Surviving Culture Shock: An Expat’s Guide to Living in Tokyo

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Tokyo LivingThe massive Tokyo metropolis will jolt to your system. You will enjoy the initial feeling, but it will eventually wear you out if you do not come prepared. There are millions of people living in Tokyo condominiums inside the city, says Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. You will be welcomed by the absolutely peculiar contradictions, the abundance of neon signs that would make Las Vegas weep and the latest technological advancements.

These are just some reasons why most expats and tourists always experience culture shock when visiting the city. Read on to know more about its culture and to lessen the initial shock before you move there.

The Convenience

Living in the city centre of Tokyo will give you everything you need from financial security, shelter and food. You will find plenty of chain grocery stores within walking distance, as well as, post offices, train stations, banks, shops, convenience stores and restaurants. For your entertainment, you will also discover plenty of the infamous karaoke and bars around.

The Job Market

There is a huge market for English teachers in Japan. If you want to enjoy the bustling and bizarre city while you get to earn at the same time, this will be perfect for you. All you need is your English speaking capability and a visa – and you are all set!

The Fashion

If you love to dress up, this city will amaze you with its unique doll-like style. Above all, Japanese women are obsessed with their exceptional shoes. They could easily just roam around the city wearing peep toe five-inch heels. They usually wear a layered look involving long socks, miniskirts, hats, necklaces and bracelets in vibrant colours.

This famous colourful city has a lot to offer. Ensure that you enjoy your stay here by knowing what to expect before culture shock ruins your experience. 

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