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Technology and Human Recruiters: Improving the Recruitment Process

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A Job InterviewRecruitment is a very curious sector for technology. It’s where human intuition is most evident, which is a primary part of the process. Without the input and instinct of human recruiters, it would be close to impossible to find suitable candidates.

In today’s highly competitive market, though, technology and human intuition are critical aspects of the hiring process. One cannot exist without the other.

Embracing Technology

Technology is improving the hiring process by integrating the qualities of automation and analytics. Automation facilitates efficient procedures while analytics ensure that recruiters and businesses make informed decisions.

Human resource management software is revolutionizing how companies find, hire and retain employees.

Of course, human recruiters still matter in the hiring process. In fact, their value has not diminished amid the rise of automated processes. Top talents, after all, respond better to persuasive recruiters from your company. Courting sought-after applicants requires a human touch, which is why recruiters are receiving pay rises.

Still a Relevant Factor

Human intervention is still relevant, even necessary, particularly for organisations that require a systems upgrade. Companies like INEO Consulting can train employees on the use of systems like Microdec Recruitment Software. Training helps companies get more out of their human resources solutions. So it’s hard to imagine technology fully replacing human recruitment.

But technology has simplified the process of sourcing candidates. It’s also given businesses like yours a more targeted approach that leaves you with more qualified people who fit your company culture. In the process, you also save on the cost of hiring.

Overall, with the right technology driving your recruitment process, you enable your business to compete on equal footing with bigger companies that attract better talent.

Efficiency is hard to deny in recruitment. No one wants to hire and fire, as it’s counterproductive. This is why the 50-50 split between technology and human recruiters is benefitting the employment cycle.

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