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A Luxury House with a Driveway Gate

The Advantages of Having Automated Gates

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A Luxury House with a Driveway GateSo you’re thinking about installing a gate. You’ve gone ahead and Googled a few companies that handle these kinds of projects, and well, the first thing most of them will usually wonder is ‘why do you want a gate?’

You know you just want it, you’ve already decided to have one installed, but they still need to know why you need a gate so they can help you find the right gate for you. Will you need an automatic gate or just the typical hinged type? Do you need the gate for security purposes or just for increased privacy?

If your only answer to ‘why do you need a gate’ is some run off the mill response, here are a few more reasons you can consider to help you decide the kind of driveway gates you need.


Try to think like a burglar. You see two houses, one of them has a gate, and the other one does not. Which house are you going to enter? New York can have a few shady characters lurking about, and a security gate can help you keep them out.

If you’d like even more security, why not consider an intercom system that will allow you to talk to them while they’re still at the gate. A surveillance camera can even visually confirm they are who they say they are.

Additionally, while keeping bad people out, it can also keep your household in. If you have children or pets, a gate from Tri State Gate can stop them from running out into potentially dangerous territories.

Property Value

One more thing about gates is that they can increase a home’s aesthetics. Some gates can have elaborate designs or modern features that add to a home’s curb appeal. All of these factors contribute to an overall increase in property value, which, should you decide to sell your home, can only be an advantage.

A gate can also convince your insurance company to provide you with a lower premium. Extra security means a lower possibility of a break in, which of course, lowers your insurance rates. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Gates can be an essential part of any home. If you’re still on the fence about getting one installed, I hope the reasons listed here helped you to make a more informed decision.

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