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Technology Integration

The Cutting Edge: How Technology Changed Offices for the Better

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Technology IntegrationPeople can no longer be deny that advances in modern computer technology has revolutionized daily lives. From smartphones with functions for arranging appointments, to tablets with features like those of a computer, it truly is the age of information. With the proliferation of such technology, not even workplaces are exempted from changes. There is always the need for companies to integrate the use of technologies to augment their operations and boost their productivity.

Even the project management solutions provider of would agree to how technology runs today’s enterprises. With cloud-based project management at the peak of operations, modern industries take a better approach to streamlining work.

Here are the four ways Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Computers changed the way people go about their work in the office:


Advances in robotics, mechatronics and automation technology has allowed manufacturing plants to significantly increase their output. Doing away with fault-prone human labor to get the cutting-edge precision of machines, automation has greatly enhanced manufacturing efficiency. These robots are still programmed and manned by competent operators. Striking the balance between man and machine is important.

Printing and Publishing

The old days of drafting reports using typewriters are all in the past. With the development of computers, printers and word processing programs, printing and publishing material has become easier and more economical than ever. Whereas before you would have to junk a page for a single typographical error, now you can simply undo the mistakes before you print them. Printing can be programmed to produce multiple copies of any document.

Database Management and Data Storage

Companies handling a large operations would need an ingenious way to manage and administrate all their data. Lucky for the corporate world, modern ICT technology has developed database management systems. These systems handle and store data in servers, while some advanced systems have cloud features. With several office departments working on different projects, the use of databases and storage has proven invaluable.


Back then, offices would send messengers or telegrams to each other just to communicate for business purposes. Even people in the same office would have to convene personally for meetings. Today, setting up a meeting with people—whether in the same office or halfway across the globe — only needs a reliable Internet connection and a video conference. Other wonders of information and networking technology have changed business communication for the better.

Modern computer technology has truly gone a long way. Stay up to date with the advances, as you may find yourself one day harnessing these powerful technologies for your own business.

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