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Indian Cuisine

The Discordant Harmony of Savours and Flavours in Indian Cuisine

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Indian Cuisine in LondonEvery nation has something unique about its culinary offerings. However, with the ever-rising popularity of fast food and junk food all over the world, taste buds are reverting to a ‘standardised’ palette for factory processed food items.

It’s sad that commercialised food has become the measuring rod of what ‘good food’ is, because there are a lot of other cuisines that are as enjoyable as they are nourishing. Kennington Tandoori cites one good example: Indian Food.

The Harmony of Flavours

When you buy a hotdog with cheese in a bun, you will notice how all of the tastes complement each other. The hotdog and cheese are both salty with just a little undertone of sourness from the mustard and ketchup.

The bread tones down the flavours and merges them. This is a standard taste combination among many of the more popular food stuffs in the market today, like bangers and mash, burgers and fries, or fish and chips. These food items harmonise in a complementary manner, making it a ‘standard’ fare.

The Discordant Harmony

Indian cuisine does not use a complementary harmony, but a discordant one. It is a shock to the taste buds the same way discordant notes would shock the ears, which does not necessarily make it bad.

Shocking the palette is actually one of the thrills of Indian cooking, because it gives a whole spectrum of tastes in just one spoonful.

Your sense of smell also goes through the ‘shock’, giving you a full sensory wallop in just one bite and allowing the senses to fully immerse itself into the savoury experience. These punches of savour and flavour eventually ease into a sensory harmony that will excite your palette and make you crave for more. Imagine mixing coconut milk, lemon juice, turmeric, cinnamon and garlic in just one dish. You will see why Indian food is so much more exciting than the standard fare.

There is a wide selection of Indian restaurants in London that you can try out. Do visit sometime. You will be surprised at how your senses will love the harmony of Indian cooking.

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