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The Home Dirt Olympics

The Home Dirt Olympics: Which Furniture Get Dirty the Fastest?

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The Home Dirt OlympicsYour home is one that you always strive to keep neat and clean. This, however, isn’t always easy, especially if there are all kinds of furniture in every room. Surely, your home is not the cleanest of them all, so why not start with pieces that get the most dirt?

Let’s think of it as The Home Dirt Olympics — let the games begin!


The trusted comfort provider for both homeowners and visitor tops this list. Situated in the living room, this piece of furniture is one that gets the most dirt simply because it welcomes more guests than all other pieces. Your visitors are welcome to come and sit on your couch — and they will bring in whatever they were exposed to on the way over. This is something you simply have no control over, even when it’s you plopping down after a long day.

On top of this, the material and finish of your couch greatly adds to its dirt-accumulating abilities. This concern, however, is easily addressed by availing of house cleaning services.


While you may think taking a shower before jumping in bed clears it of dirt — think again. In your sleep, you are bound to sweat and all of these fluids go directly into your mattress. This is where dirt comes in — in its buildup and moisture.

This puts your beloved sleeping aid next to the couch. While you change your sheets, maybe it is about time to flip the mattress; better yet, have it cleaned.

Coffee Table

That small addition to your living room is not really all that necessary, but it is one of the most useful inventions in history. Why? Because it has become more than just a table.

In times of need, the coffee table turns into a footrest, a surface for whatever purpose and a lot more. Its multi-purpose feature makes it susceptible to accumulating more dirt. Always take the time to clean it every once in a while and keep it from racing to the top of the medal rankings.

Now that you know which furniture get dirty the fastest, do you not think it is about time you do something about it?

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