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The Three Main Types of Compressors

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Air CompressorsAir compressors function by changing the pressure of air depending on the application’s requirement. They are used in various industries including the hydraulic sectors and petrochemical industries.  If you’re in a business that needs an industrial compressor or materials such as blue line poly pipes, it will be crucial for you to understand the three main types available.

Rotary Compressors

Rotary compressors are classified under positive displacement devices. Their horsepower ranges from 30 to 200, although some machines could exceed this range, especially those used for larger processes. The rotary compressors have two rotors that push gas into a chamber. They function by increasing the pressure of air as the chambers decrease in size. The excellent thing about this appliance is that it is easy and cheap to install and it also requires very minimal maintenance.

Centrifugal Compressors (Dynamic Air Compressors)

If you want a machine for high duty processes, then centrifugal compressors would be an excellent choice to consider. They have a horsepower capability that ranges from 100 to 1,000 depending on application load. They are best used for high-speed impellers which can exceed 50,000 RPMs. The science behind their functions is that they raise the pressure and then increase the velocity of air.

Reciprocating Air Compressors

This type of compressor works with the help of pistons and are categorised under positive displacement machines. Their primary function is to store compressed air in tanks. This type of air compressor could either have a single processing unit or multi-processing units. They have a horsepower of approximately 1,000.

Regardless of the type of compressor you choose, you will spend lots of money to use these compressors in your industry. One of the sure ways of guaranteeing that your investment serves you for a long time is by regularly maintaining your machines. Consistently check the filters and lubricants, and have it maintained by the right personnel.

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