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Theatre vs. Film: The Beauty of Both

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Theatre in BrisbaneActing as an art has its roots way back in Shakespeare’s time and even farther and is still very much appreciated at present, albeit presented differently. Over the years, the art of performing has taken two major forms, the traditional live productions, and the ones filmed.

The Beauty of Theatre Production

The beauty of live shows lies in its rawness and imperfection. An actor suffering from a wardrobe malfunction is acceptable and tolerated when one is watching a live show in Brisbane, but would be never have happened in a film. Lives shows are raw as rehearsals are needed to acquire a perfect performance, explains. They perform in front of the audience without any room for mistakes. Editing scenes are never possible in a live show. The audience knows what to expect, as the materials for theatre shows are mostly available to the public (i.e. Shakespeare’s classics).

The Appeal of Film Production

The beauty of film production, on the other hand, lies in its intricate and professional nature. If theatre production takes months to rehearse and perfect, a film takes months to shoot, edit and produce. Like theatre shows, there are no room for mistakes as everything is expected to be corrected and re-filmed if necessary. After all, editing is expected to be done on the big screen. The art of performing is highlighted by what the director thinks is appropriate for the film.

Cuts can be made, changes in emotions can be demanded as well as removing of scenes can be done for the sake of the film’s perfection. All of these leads to a film’s professional feel, as all angles and even the impossible, are taken care of.

Some prefer live shows over a film and vice versa. Though beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, the beauty of performance as an art is appreciated either way.

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