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junk cars

Why There’s Money in Junk Cars

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junk carsJunk vehicles refer to automobiles that have been deemed too costly to repair by insurance companies. When a car is involved in an accident, the insurance company assesses the damages done to the vehicle. If the cost to repair is more than 70% of its total value, that vehicle will no longer be repaired and will be labeled as a junk car. Junk vehicles could also be any car that’s old, broken, or abandoned by the owner. If you have a junk vehicle at home, you could potentially make money out of it through many ways.

Here is an overview of the junk car trend:

Junk Yards are Everywhere

The reason why junk cars are popular is simple: you can make some money out of something that’s literally considered junk or worthless. Infact, the government also offers cash for your clunker program.  This gives people who own SUVS and old sedans that are considered gas guzzlers the chance to dispose these vehicles for a little cash in return. Many junk car yards in Austin County are also looking for old, broken cars that they can strip down not only for spare parts but also for reusable materials. This includes steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, and glass.  These are then recycled to create new parts for cars and other items.

Money in Spare Parts

There are many used spare parts dealers online that would be willing to pay a premium for certain car parts. If you own a relatively new vehicle that has been totaled in a car collision, check out if there are spare parts.  For instance, a GPS system can be sold for as much as $700 to a used parts dealer. A functioning aircon compressor can fetch about $150 to $200 dollars.  An old, broken vehicle can be sold for as much as $300 dollars easily. If you’re thinking of selling your junk car, you can research online to know its actual value.

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