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Think Before You Click: 3 Internet Misconducts Punishable in Colorado

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Criminal Defense Lawyer in LittletonWith the Internet, you can communicate with almost everyone in the world. This technology speeds up a lot of processes in schools, offices, and businesses. Despite all the benefits the Internet brings, however, some people choose to use this godsend tool for all the wrong reasons. Good thing, Colorado and other states are out to punish those who commit Internet misconduct.

If you live in Colorado, here are the computer crimes punishable by state law:

1. Hacking

Some people think they’re too clever to get caught when they’re hacking other people’s personal computers or business network. While you may think it’s harmless or it’s just for fun, hacking into computers could land you in jail. Personal information, after all, has always been considered confidential, so hacking is a ground for identity theft.

2. Cyberbullying

Many instances of cyberbullying involved only a few mean words. However, sending grave threats may result in criminal charges. In Colorado, you can face a jail time maximum of six months if you’re convicted of cyberbullying. So, you need to be cautious about what you post, comment, or send thru the Internet.

3. Child Enticement

According to criminal defense lawyers in Littleton, you may be charged with child enticement if you’re an adult who has sexually seduced or manipulated a minor thru the Internet. But what if you never knew that your chatmate is a young girl? After all, anyone can change their identities or remain anonymous on the Internet. In this case, you need a good defense lawyer to argue the matter in court.

Though it looks like you can do everything on the Internet, you still need to be cautious of your actions while you’re at it. You’ll never know how the person at the opposite side of the Internet world is taking what you say to them. Remember, a harmless joke for you might be a serious threat to others.

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