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This Is Why Debating with the Police Officer Will Never Get You Out of a DUI Charge

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Driving Under the InfluenceDriving Under the Influence (DUI) isn’t only a potential hazard to you, but to others as well.

That’s why, according to 2nd Chance Insurance, police officers are extra vigilant when it comes to DUI charges. What most people don’t understand is how it can drastically change lives – given that accident occurs.

A happy child can become orphaned all of sudden, an active fellow may lose the ability to walk again, and a bright person may suddenly lose sight. All these are just some of the effects of road accidents, and DUI is the top cause.

So, before any of these things happen, read some facts about DUI to save yourself and others from trouble in the future.

You Can’t Just Shake Off the Alcohol Out of Your Body

There is much hearsay regarding how to sober up fast. But, impairment caused by alcohol doesn’t really have anything to do with any effort. Whether you take a shower, drink coffee, or exercise, you’ll stay drunk for a particular period; only time can tell how long you'll stay affected.

It Takes About a Hundred Tries Before You Crash

Statistics-wise, crashing while DUI doesn't always happen; though at around 70 – 80 of DUI, the police catch someone. But, this isn’t a near perfect calculation because every 51 minutes in America, someone crashes and kills at least one person.

21 Under Drivers Shouldn’t Drink At All

For drivers under 21, there’s a no-tolerance policy. If you’re underage, you can’t even sip a bit of alcohol. Once the police officer finds out that you have alcohol in your bloodstream, it’s either loss of license, expensive fines, or jail time for you.

Not everyone in the Freeway is a Licensed Driver

A good driver will find ways to report and avoid a drunk driver because they have experience. But, there will always be amateur drivers around, and they’re often the ones who always get into accidents.

There’s no use arguing with a police officer about DUI. Apart from taking care of your well-being on the road, DUI laws aim to protect other people, too. 

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