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Three Essential Questions You Need to Ask during Your Apartment Viewing

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Couple Checking Out an ApartmentWhile it’s easy to focus on aesthetics when searching for your dream apartment, make sure you don’t lose sight of more practical matters: landlord rules and fees. In fact, companies like Lansing Apartments emphasizes the importance of learning about apartment policies to ensure you keep your lifestyle and see to your individual needs. What questions should you ask your landlord during the apartment tour, then?

What are the Lease Terms?

The terms of a lease can vary between apartments, so it’s important that you get a clear idea of how the community’s lease works. Before you get down to signing the lease, make sure you know the lease period and if you can get a discount for a lease longer than the standard 12 months. Find out if the apartment offers a “grace period” for late payments and if there are any decoration policies or guidelines about giving notice that you should know.

What are the Fees and Policies?

Put yourself in the right financial perspective before you move in. Ask the apartment manager whether you need to pay any up-front or move-in fees. Moreover, while rent increases are a fact of apartment life, ask about how often rent increases happen.

Apart from making sure the prospective property fits your budget, make sure the policies they have also suit your lifestyle. Furry pets, for example, may be something that the landlord frowns upon. On a similar vein, make sure you’re aware of any guest policies, especially if you plan to have visitors stay over for extended periods.

Are there Any Security Features in Place?

Your safety is an important factor to consider during your apartment hunt. An ideal place should have safety features that include door locks, secured entrances, and well-lighted parking and common areas.  Make sure you observe general upkeep as well since broken windows and ceiling cracks could signify a lack of concern for apartment security by the landlord.

Finding your dream apartment comes with the responsibility of understanding your prospective property better. Through simple knowledge of policies and fees, you can find out whether an apartment is right for you.

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