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Alcoholic Person

Three Principles To Help Overcome Your Alcohol Addiction

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A substance abuse counselor in Salt Lake City can provide effective and motivational solutions. While you are looking for one, help your loved one kick the habit with these three principles:

  1. Instead of keeping a person away from alcohol, try suggesting new activities.

Alcohol rehabilitation does not mean preventing one from drinking alcohol. It means curbing, if not altogether removing the desire, to drink alcohol. You succeed if a person develops a preference over anything other than alcohol.Alcoholic Person

For instance, they can play sports with friends or invite siblings to cook meals. Physical activities like running can take their mind off consuming alcohol.

It might take a while and would need constant vigilance on their part, but with the right activity, you’ll soon see progress. In the beginning, they may need a lot of encouragement; later on, it might become automatic.

  1. Alcohol rehabilitation is not about destroying the habit of drinking alcohol.

It is about building a person’s confidence to overcome alcohol addiction. By helping them gain confidence, you are telling them that they can do it. Tell them that avoiding alcohol is doable—do it repeatedly if you must.

  1. Sometimes, positive reinforcement is more effective.

The thing is, you can scare a person all the time by reminding them about what alcohol can do to the body. However, this method is a negative reinforcement technique that typically destroys a person.

According to Renaissance Ranch, what you can do instead is give an addict – or yourself – a reminder that turning away alcohol indicates a conscious choice to become a new person.

Many people are discouraged to pursue rehabilitation because they believe that there is no solution to it. To get away from alcohol addiction, a person must first acknowledge the problem. Then, help them do something about it.

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