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Throwback Moments: 3 Things Students will Miss in School

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studentFor many people, the journey and experience of attending school will always be a huge part of their lives. Students do not remain students forever (unless they choose to fail). In time they will graduate and leave the halls of university.

But even when they have left the reins of formal education, they will always reminisce of their time there – looking back to those memories that defined their formative years.

Here are those three things you will always remember during your student days.

Institutional Activities

What do students remember most in their days? Aside from those sleepless nights beating that research paper’s deadline, are those activities held by their universities such as sports week, or the Christmas festivals. Everyone almost certainly remember their freshmen week – more so year, when they were subject to welcoming parties by seniors.

Those were the weeks were they were still eager beavers filled with wonder. The class trips and seminars where they spent considerable time with each other will always be remembered by alumni.

The Uniform

When students attend university, they basically submit more than a year of their lives in pursuing their degrees there. During their stay, they take on the institution’s prescribed uniform. Everyone remembers the days when they all wore the same shirt, blouse, vests, coats, trousers even down to the shoes. This is especially true for those who attended private institutes, as these almost always had their own school wear suppliers.

Alumni will be quick to tell you that the uniforms were almost as if they were their second skin. Some classes who have even bonded well together sign each other’s uniforms and keep them as mementos.

The Class

Who doesn’t remember their student days without remembering their best mates in class? Students who stay years pursuing their degree inevitably interact with other students, and they bond together. This shared experience is the most priceless of all. Everyone always have their stories of a certain the classmate, the butt monkey of the class joke, or that one professor who did a particularly nasty deed.

These friendship of these students start from the classroom or the dormitory, and extend further out into the real world when they finally pursue their careers.

School will always be a huge part of life. Students will not be students forever. But once they leave the reigns of formal education, they will always look back to the past – to cherished memories.

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