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To Tow or Not to Tow: Which Tow Bar do You Need?

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towbarsThere are certain accessories that your truck needs under specific circumstances. A towbar is one such addition. But before you have a towbar installed on your vehicle, know the various types so the one you get is the best for your purpose or preference.

Although, they might appear to be similar, explains Tom’s Towbars, there are several distinct types available in Perth. For example, there is the swan neck, the flange type and the detachable types.

Knowing some basic details about each type will help you make an informed choice.

Flange type – This is the most commonly used one and here the ball is bolted with two or four bolts. This is the most versatile kind as it is compatible with most other vehicles. They are economical and the height can be suitably changed using drop plates.
Swan neck type – This is popular in some regions as it appears neat. It is one piece and is narrower than the other types. But it is not as versatile as it is compatible only with certain type of vehicles. It is slightly more expensive and the height is fixed.
Detachable types – It looks similar to the swan type, but the neck can be unclipped when it is not in use. This leaves only a small portion left on the vehicle. They are compatible with many vehicles and are invisible when not in use. As they can be detached, they don’t affect the vehicle’s aesthetics or cause injury due to the protrusion. The height is adjustable. These are costlier than other types.
• There are other, less popular choices available, such as the horizontal, vertical or compact detachable varieties.
Pin/nut system detachable type – This is similar to the detachable types, but has a pin and spring system to secure it instead of a lock and key.

Apart from the above, there is also the permanently attached type, which is the most affordable. Today, you also have the electric swivelling type which is a new addition. If you press a button, this type will appear from underneath the vehicle. Depending on the towing material or equipment, you can find one that’s the most suitable and practical for your needs.

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