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Too Much Detergent? You Might Be No Laundry Expert

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Laundry TipsThink you’re THE laundry expert? Don’t be too sure.

As the basic chore that keeps clothes clean and fresh, doing it well only makes sense. But there’s more to washing clothes than just adding detergent and folding. In fact, everything you thought you knew about doing laundry might be wrong.

Whether you’re at home or at the nearest laundry place in Melbourne, change the way you do laundry by steering clear of the following mistakes:

Too Much Detergent

Contrary to popular belief, more soap doesn’t automatically equate to cleaner clothes. Also, using bottle caps to measure the right amount of detergent isn’t the best idea.

An article from The Wall Street Journal warns users of excess detergent. Too much soap, says the article, results in high foam levels inside the machine, which lifts lint and soil above water level. As a result, your clothes soak in a bubble of filth.

How much is enough? The halfway mark is no more than one-third of the bottle cap. It’s also better for heavily soiled clothes.

Going Overboard with the Softener

Softener makes clothes soft and pleasantly scented. Just like with the detergent, however, adding too much is not advisable.

Fabric softeners leave a coating on fabrics. Towels are not big fans of excessive softeners; the coating reduces its ability to absorb easily. Liquid softeners also pose a problem for your machines because of the build-up.

Giving up some of the super softness isn’t a bad idea. Just add a half cup to the machine for scented clothes.

Improper Machine Loading

With top-loading machines, you should add the dirty laundry last. Refrain from directly pouring detergent on clothes as the water rises. Doing so is a big risk because the detergent will not dissolve properly. Your clothes will still be dirty.

Being a laundry expert requires less detergent and more learning. Avoid these mistakes for a fresh batch of clean clothes.

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