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dental care

Tooth Decay: When Do You Need Treatment?

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dental careAre you having a difficult time flashing your stunning smile? Maybe it is time to have your teeth checked. Tooth decay is a not only a painful problem to deal with, it also creates unsightly black or brown spots on your teeth.

Signs of Tooth Decay

There are signs of tooth decay that you must be aware of to determine if you need treatment or not. Check if you have any of these signs:

  1. Persistent toothaches
  2. Evident holes in your teeth
  3. Black or brown stains on the surface of your teeth
  4. A mild or sharp pain when you drink or eat sweets or anything that is hot or cold
  5. A painful sensation when you bite

These symptoms may help you determine if you have tooth decay or not. Determining the symptoms before they get worse helps you limit or prevent the ill effects of tooth decay.


Now that you know the signs, it is important to know the treatments you can take. Mill Street City Dental Centre, one of the dental offices in Perth, shares the treatments you may get for tooth decay:

  1. Restorations – Restorations or fillings are recommended when a dentist determines you have a heavily damaged or decayed tooth, or when a filled tooth needs to be redone. A follow up appointment may be necessary to finalise or re-polish the restoration.
  2. Extractions – In severe cases wherein teeth are no longer restorable because of severe decay, dentists may recommend tooth or teeth extraction.
  3. Inlays/Onlays and Crowns – In instances where the damage to the tooth is severe, the tooth needs reinforcing for long-term preservation through placement of a crown or an inlay/onlay. An inlay/onlay is a large restoration treatment that protects the tooth from further damage. Crowns are similar in a way, as they completely encircle a tooth. Dentists may recommend crowns for weakened teeth that cannot be restored using an inlay/onlay.

Consulting a dentist will determine which treatment is right for your tooth decay. Restoring your teeth to their former health will surely boost your confidence.

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