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Top Air Jordan Pairs That are Better Worn on the Court

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jordansBasketball legend, and probably the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan, has been off the hardwood for more than two decades now. But, even today, his Air Jordan shoes remain one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world. Everyone seems to be wearing a pair, whether they are on or off the court. Jordans, as how sneakerheads call them, changed the sneaker game in the mid-80s, according to

Many consider them among the best shoe brands used in ball games. Of the 29 different kinds of Jordans, there are four that the majority of basketball players would love to wear whenever they hit the court.

  1. Air Jordan VII

Every Jordan pair looks good with a basketball jersey, but not all is suitable enough for playing. This shoe, which debuted in 1992, is a combination of function and fashion. Even though the 7s are not as stylish as the first six pairs, they feel good in play as they feature full-length Air and a Huarache styled inner sleeve.

  1. Air Jordan XI

Cordura Mesh side panels, patent leather, Carbon Fiber spring plate and full-length Air are what make the 11s an on-court beast. Far from what some say as not meant for basketball, this pair is actually suitable for games. MJ himself even wore a pair when he came back in the NBA and claim the 1995–96 Championship.

  1. Air Jordan XII

As the popularity of the 11s increased the sales of the Jordan brand, Nike attempted and succeeded in making a better version of it, at least in terms of playing. The 12s is a full-length Zoom Air, which is an improved version of the 11s. The pair features top-notch traction, cushion and fit; it also lasts a long time.

  1. Air Jordan XIII

Not surprisingly enough, something better than the 11s and 12s came next – the 13s. This pair is not just popular among street and amateur ballers, but even among the professionals. This pair has heel and forefoot Zoom Air, herringbone traction and a paw-styled sole that gives it a stable movement.

Not everyone would agree that these four are the top Jordan sneakers for playing. But, compared to the other shoes from the line, the 7s, 11s, 12s and 13s are more than just style and appeal; they work well in real ball games.

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