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white river rafting

Top Colorado Whitewater Rafting Trips You Should Try

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white river raftingWhitewater rafting season has arrived and it looks like it’s going to be a great one this year. There’s no better place to do it than in Colorado with its wealth of rivers! So put your gear on and take note of these great Colorado whitewater rafting trips.

Royal Gorge

Steep drops and huge waves combined with the Wall Slammer, Sledgehammer, Boat Eater, Narrows, and Sunshine Falls rapids make the Royal Gorge the ultimate whitewater rafting experience, notes This trip is best for highly experienced and adventurous rafters who have enough stamina to last at least half a day for this 10-mile raft ride. You will get to see the Royal Gorge Bridge or maybe even spot a bighorn sheep if you’re not already too preoccupied with the extreme paddling needed to keep the boat upright.

Gunnison Gorge

If you like your rafting trips mixed with great scenery and adventure hikes, ‘Gunny’ fits the bill perfectly. With a journey that stretches for 14 miles, you’re in a for a couple of days of hiking, rafting, and routine sightings of bighorn sheep, golden eagles, bald eagles, and otters. You may also want to have an afternoon of fishing as part of your Gunnison Gorge rafting experience.

Lodore Canyon

Rafting trips in Lodore Canyon can take from 2 to 5 days depending on your trip package. You’ll need at least 3 days to fully enjoy the waters and an additional day for some hiking adventures. You may want to bring a kayak with you for some personal enjoyment. Lodore Canyon rafting trips are perfect for families and first timers because of the tame waves and short drops coupled with stunning sights like grottos, waterfalls, ruins, red rocks, and petroglyphs.

Animas River

The Animas River is a combination of both mild and wild rafting. You may go for the gentler Lower Animas which is perfect for beginners. If you feel more daring, go for the Upper Animas. With seemingly unending waves and drops, and stretching for 26 miles, it has become a favorite for both beginner and seasoned rafters.

You can easily spend three days here, which includes some time for hiking and fishing. Overnight camping is relatively peaceful and quiet.

These are just some of the great adventure options waiting for you in Colorado. To fully experience what each place offers, contact experienced adventure tour companies for their invaluable insights.

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