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The Truth About Your Compatibility

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zodiac signEveryone dreams of a healthy, loving relationship. A healthy relationship can enhance many aspects of your life; from your mental and emotional well-being, to your physical health, down to your overall happiness. For many, though, finding someone they’re compatible with, who shares their core values, beliefs, and perspectives, and who loves them deeply, can seem impossible. This is especially true for people who’ve gone through a series of failed relationships.

Most relationships end due to incompatibility. When two people in a relationship have opposing opinions, such as different views on religion or on other important topics, their relationship is likely to face big problems. Experts and the couples themselves can attest that compatibility has a big impact on a relationship. Whether it’s opposing beliefs, different perspectives, and conflicting lifestyles, incompatibility can knock your relationship down.

True Compatibility

True compatibility, however, is more than just sharing the same beliefs, perspectives, or interests. It’s also about how your personalities mesh. You can meet a person who is as left wing as you are, who shares the same opinions and beliefs, and who enjoys doing the things you like to do. If you two have opposing lifestyles and communication styles, however, you may face a lot of problems in the course of your relationship.

Asking The Stars

Horoscope love compatibility by birthdate is perhaps, the most famous way of knowing whether you’re compatible with someone or not. Astrologers believe that the position of the planets and stars in the sky helps determine your personality and tendencies, and whether they fit with your prospective partner’s character and tendencies. They can tell if you “perfectly fit” by comparing your sun signs and the position of the moon, the stars, and the eight planets in the sky at the moment and the place of your birth. An in-depth comparison by an astrologer can help you see your similarities and differences in terms of attitudes towards health, money, sex, careers, home, and social activities.

It’s important to understand, though,that a horoscope love compatibility chart is just a guide. It is a roadmap that shows you many different ways to reach a destination. So you shouldn’t make it the absolute definition of whether or not you’re meant for each other. Carroll Righter, one of the most famous  astrologers of the 20th century,used to say, “The stars impel. They don’t compel. What you make of your life is up to you.” Long term dating and spending quality time with the person are some of the tried-and-tested ways to know if you’re compatible with someone.

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