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um player

UMPlayer: A Mighty Bit of Media Player Goodness

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Universal Media Player, commonly known as UMPlayer, lets you play all types of media file formats. You can even download UMPlayer’s full version for free and find out what a great software it is. UMPlayer is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows.

The following are some reasons that make UMPlayer a great software:

Fast to Load

UMPlayer is fast. Unlike other media players, you don’t need to wait long while the player loads. Once you click on a video or a song, UMPlayer loads up instantly. It’s the perfect software for anyone who needs a fast media player for large files.

um player

Skinnable Interface

UMPlayer has a nice modern skin default with accessible buttons. It also has six pre-installed skins. An option for downloadable skins is also available.

Absolutely Versatile

UMPlayer can play anything, even those DVDs you ripped with wrong CODECS. This media player can play songs and videos with sound in sync and great quality picture. UMPlayer has a variety of built-in codecs to ensure that it reads different types of file formats. You can search YouTube from within through this media player. Its full screen videos are brilliant. The sound of streaming radio stations from Shoutcast is also clear.

UMPlayer offers a lot of benefits. Download UMPlayer for free and discover your media in a fast and reliable way.


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