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Ways to Make Inexpensive International Calls in the UK

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Prepaid Sim CardCalling friends and family overseas can cost a fortune. Telecommunication companies seem to charge higher today, because of man's increasing demands. Even with the Internet connection, making an international call in the United Kingdom has become expensive for locals and foreign visitors. Make your communication needs inexpensive and easier through these alternatives.


Skype is one of the leading applications when it comes to connecting travellers abroad. People that jump from continent to continent typically use the service because of its free direct dial calls. Travellers can use Skype on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet. The service, however, requires an Internet connection, which means that you should check on UK data services before making a call.

International Sim Cards

Many telecommunication companies offer UK sim cards that can connect to Europe and abroad. Designed to function on global areas, international sim cards typically charge cheaper than local services, because of its low to zero surcharges, explains UK Prepaid Sim Card. When using an international sim card in the United Kingdom, don’t forget to put 00 before any international number. 00 is the nation’s international dialling code.


iPhone users around the world take advantage of FaceTime, Apple’s voice and video-calling service. Many iPhone users say that with good Internet connection, FaceTime can accommodate calls that are clearer than actual phone calls. But because it’s an Apple product, FaceTime can only function between two people who have iPhones or other Apple devices.

Prepaid Calling Cards

Prepaid calling cards are a good alternative, especially if you don’t have a smartphone and/or Internet connection. Most areas in the United Kingdom – usually major roads and Internet cafes – have a phone booth that accepts a range of international prepaid phone cards. Just make sure that your card has enough balance to accommodate minutes of international calls.

Before making an international call, make sure to check the costs of the service to prevent expensive surcharges. You can definitely save some money with so many new and inexpensive options available today.

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