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What Jewelry Styles are Trending this Year?

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Jewelry in a boxHollywood glamor, with bright colors and emerald-cut stones, took over in the ‘30s. Functionality reigned over style, with floral motifs and non-precious materials, during the ‘60s. Fun, gutsy styles, with body jewelry and color-changing stones, was all the rage in the ‘90s. What jewelry designs are taking over this year?

Making a Comeback

Like most elements in fashion, certain trends make a comeback. In jewelry, it’s colored gemstones. You’ll see most pieces embellished with amethysts, rubies, and sapphires. In the ‘30s, gemstones were very popular as Hollywood’s glam goddesses wore bold, bright pieces.

Barely-there Chokers

Instead, the usual chunky pieces adorning your neck, you can choose delicate, simple strands of material for chokers. Think thin leather bands or even fabrics. If you watched the recent Golden Globes, you can take your cue from Michelle Williams’s elegant ribbon choker.

Beyond Diamond Rings

Perhaps one of the best things about jewelry trends is the variety it offers you. What is popular then might not be popular now, which is the case with diamond rings. In the past, diamonds used to be the only choice for engagement rings. These days, however, a more affordable and even more durable stone and style is taking over: moissanite jewelry.

The shift toward affordable jewelry, you’ll also see more elaborate engagement rings.

My, What Big Earrings You Have

This year, designers seem to focus on larger earrings, with some appearing big and sculptural enough to almost look like a museum piece. If you’re not too fond of statement earrings, you can go with the delicate but still stylish ear cuffs. Some of the inspired designs feature floral motifs, bohemian themes (from embroideries to fringe), and a mix of fabrics and metal.

Colorful pieces. Statement baubles. Elaborate earrings. This year’s jewelry trends go from tiny to massive, and minimalist to outlandish. What will you wear with each season?


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