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Being a good speaker

What Makes a Good Speech and What to Look for in a Speaker

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Being a good speakerIf you have been to many speaking engagements, you may have built a notion of a good and bad speech, and this may help you find a good presenter for your own event. Looking for a speaker for your corporate functions can be like seeking a needle in a haystack.

So how do you know a speaker is a good one?

Message vs. Delivery

Many people look after the delivery of the speaker more than the message. The rule of the thumb is delivery is only second to content. If you have been listening to different statesmen giving talks, you may notice that some speeches are compelling even if these are delivered by a politician with high-pitched voice.

You may also find that after the speech, the message is the one thing that retains to the audience’s mind. In short, find a good presenter or speaker who actually knows what he or she talks about. The likes of Brad Montgomery are the kind of speakers that you can check out.

Audience vs. Speaker

A good speech makes people feel better about themselves. It should be motivational and would want you to make a difference right then and there. The audience needs the drive to get better at what they do and this is something that could only come from the best motivational speakers around.

No wonder people love humorous speakers because jokes really can set the mood. If the joke is good, it draws the people closer to the speaker. Placed at the right time in a speech, it creates rapport with the listener and breaks the walls between the presenter and the listener.

In addition, a good speaker gets nervous, but knows when to show it. The audience, anyway, expects the speakers to be nervous. Acknowledging nervousness can create engagement. When a speaker shows vulnerability, whether the tone or cadence of the voice, it becomes a powerful way to win an audience given that the nervousness is authentic.

The most memorable talks offer something fresh and something no one has seen before. Choosing someone who values the message and the audience more than looking good on the stage is not easy, but if you find one, then that’s for keeps.

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