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aluminum gates

What Makes Aluminum a Wise and Cost-Effective Gate Material?

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aluminum gatesMore and more property owners choose aluminum driveway gates over traditional materials, such as wood and iron. Despite the material’s lightweight property, it is a preferred material because of its beneficial qualities.

Here are some of the reasons aluminum is a wise and cost-effective gate material.

Strong and Long-lasting

Aluminum is resistant to corrosion and rust, unlike other types of steel. It can withstand humidity and other weather elements, making it a long-lasting solution for your property.

While you can go for hollow tubing to save on cost and weight, the best option is the solid-cast aluminum. These tubes come in thickness varying from .5 to .75 inch and have solid aluminum rods inside, making it a stronger and more stable material for your gate that can last for years.


The material is highly versatile; it works well for everything from ornate fences to automatic gates. It can also mimic the sleek and stylish look of wrought iron, which is a more expensive and much heavier gate material.

Companies specializing in aluminum driveway gates, such as, offer their products in different colors, with black being the most popular choice. They are also available in different styles and designs. This gives you the chance to find an option that best suits your driveway and home’s exterior design.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum does not rust – a quality you can’t get from wrought iron. This saves you from costly maintenance needs such as rust sanding, rust inhibitor treatment, and the application of rust-proof primer and paint.

Most aluminum gates have enamel coating protecting the material from cracking, chipping, or flaking. In addition, it hardly needs regular cleaning and replacement. This is why it’s the prime choice not only in residential properties, but also in commercial and industrial settings.

These are the reasons aluminum is becoming the top option when it comes to property gates and fences. Look for qualified contractors who can provide you the right aluminum grade and color for your gate, so you can enjoy all these benefits.

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