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real estate agent and customer

What Should You Look for in a Real Estate Agent?

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For the average person, a house is probably the most expensive investment they will ever make in their entire life. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy, you wouldn’t want your hard-earned money to go down the drain on a deal gone wrong.

This is why it is important to choose the right real estate agent. Not all agents are the same, but in the same breath, not all clients are the same either. It’s just a matter of finding the right person to work with. Whether you’re from Quebec, Vancouver, or North Bay, the right real estate agents are waiting for you.

The Qualities to Look for in a Real Estate Agent

1. Character

This one is kind of an all-encompassing trait for professionals. Character is one of the main things that make or break professionals.

Are they honest? Are they credible? Is their integrity intact? Do they cut corners or make shady deals? How would their peers describe them? Do they keep communication lines open? Are they transparent with their clients? These are some questions you need to ask.

2. Chemistry

Choosing the right agent is sometimes just like dating: it boils down to chemistry. Even if everything checks out but you just don’t get along well with them, don’t go with them. Look for one you feel comfortable working with, especially for those times when things get a little bumpy.

3. Compassion

buying a property

Do they have your best interests at heart or are they just in it for the money? Be honest with your expectations. In most cases, if agents do not present any viable option for you, then it’s likely they are just in it for themselves. You want to work with someone who is not just after the commission but one who has compassion for you and for those he or she works with.

4. Conviction

You would want to work with someone whose core values are intact. You want a person whose integrity is upright that you know they will work for you diligently; someone honest about their license, experiences, and faults. A person who has conviction will do whatever it takes to do right by you and everyone and make the deal a success.

5. Supportive

You have to do a bit of research when looking for the right real estate agent. Do they have a license? Are they backed-up by a legitimate firm? Are they in a team? An agent who has a sufficient and efficient support staff can give the best customer service to any client. Having the right support system behind an agent allows them to make themselves available to you to address whatever concerns you have.

6. Experience

Of course, you don’t want to get an agent with zero background on the subject matter. Great real estate agents don’t show up out of nowhere. It takes years of being immersed in the industry to acquire a certain level of mastery over the market.

You want someone with extensive knowledge on your side; someone who has experience with your property type and one who has sold homes or is knowledgable in your locality. Do not rush the process. It is, after all, your hard-earned money we are talking about here. Talk to a few potential candidates and weigh your options.

Having the right real estate agent on your team can make the difference between a successful transaction and a failed one. Choose wisely.

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