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Why Do People Like All Things Vintage?

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Bridal CarPeople have some sort of a strange relationship with everything old and new. On one hand, people mostly love anything that’s new and modern—would you rather choose an old-school landline telephone from the ‘50s over an iPhone 6? Or a black-and-white T.V. on a cabinet over a Smart TV? Probably not.  

On the other, people seem to love it when today’s newest pop songs are rendered in vintage styles. A few bands have done covers of the newest popular songs, making them sound like they wouldn’t be out of place during the 50s, 40s, or even the Roaring Twenties. And of course, who wouldn’t forget about the rise of vintage-themed occasions like weddings, with classic bridal cars from Noosa Woody Hire like the Ford Woody?

Whatever comes, most people possess a soft spot for anything that’s vintage. The question is, why?

It’s All About Nostalgia

Much of it has to do with nostalgia. To most, nostalgic feelings evoke mainly positive memories of times past, but the concept’s origin is anything but. The term itself provides an answer. Nostalgia is a combination of two Greek words: nostos meaning the longing to return home, and algos referring to the ‘pain’ that such longing brings. When the term ‘nostalgia’ was coined in the 17th century, it was classified as a psychological disorder.

But then, why is nostalgia considered something positive now? Because science says so. A study from the Unviersity of Southampton claims that nostalgia improves self-esteem, which then contributes to optimism. According to study co-author Dr. Tim Wildschut, memories of the past can contribute to a brighter outlook by aiding in the maintenance of current feelings of self-worth. In other words, nostalgia could help anyone cope with mental adversity by promoting optimism.

The Desire to Picture the Past And Live It

Humans are incredibly curious creatures. There’s a mountain of difference between the diversions people have right now and whatever those from the past had back then. This curiosity, in turn, prompts people to assume the role of their forbears. They try to at least ‘see through their eyes’ and imagine if they would’ve enjoyed the diversions of yesteryears the way they enjoy theirs nowadays.

Several organizers of vintage festivals around the world share the same beliefs with the claims made by the University of Southampton study. According to Charles March, one of the organizers of the Goodwood Revival Vintage Motor Show in England, vintage is all about looking forward through the window of the past. It involves looking back through memories and seeing how they inspired their modern-day counterparts. 

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