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Solar Panels in California

Why Solar Power is Built for the California Climate

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Solar Panels in CaliforniaWind turbines accounts for majority of Norway’s power supply. Wind speed is really strong in the Scandinavian country, so to take advantage of it is the only logical step. Thanks to their — and the whole of Europe’s — commitment to renewable energy, they are so far ahead in the use of clean power. It also helps that the country is the size of all coastal states along America’s East Coast; it’s not even as big as the entire border.

You can say the same thing about California and its use of solar power, as per Canopy Energy. While it’s not the only place in the world where there is abundant sunlight, it’s the only place where vast installation of solar panel systems is sustainable. Many areas in the state rank high in average possible sunshine. More than that, the climate makes it tolerable for machines, e.g. the solar panel system, to last long.

Sun’s Right Hand

California has yet to be declared the capital of solar energy, but the state has steady claim as the hotspot for renewable resources. It’s where most car companies are testing their hydrogen cell cars and building the most number of hydrogen refueling centers. More importantly, several solar power projects are already in operation within California.

Take the Ivanpah solar-thermal plant, for example. It’s in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and it’s the largest of its kind in the world. There are 65 in-operation solar plants in California, pumping out 22,355 megawatts. It still wouldn’t cover the entire state’s energy needs, but the Internet also had to start somewhere. Solar power will grow bigger, and there’s no other place it can blossom better.

In Smaller Uses

All these plants can only do well for the solar economy, but most of them are third-party owners (TPO). It won’t be a surprise if the energy companies that own these solar farms required clients to commit to long-term power purchasing agreement (PPA) contracts. Regularly, these deals run for decades. In addition, you can’t negotiate for flexible terms like Staples did with their PPA solar panel systems.

As stated in the study, it would be better to own a solar energy unit than to lease one. It’s more valuable in the long-term, although the initial costs are hefty. But, in the end, you can improve your solar energy capabilities to cover for appliances that suck up big power. It means less reliance on natural gas, more savings and no carbon footprint.

With some hope and a lot of support, solar energy will be sustainable everywhere. For now, though, there’s no doubt if solar power can plug the electricity needs of the many.

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