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Metal Roofing System

Why you should consider Upgrading to a Metal Roofing System

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Metal Roofing SystemA lot of home owners are hesitant when it comes to upgrading their roofing system. Having been used to asphalt or tiles, it may prove difficult to determine of a metal roofing system would be a perfect fit. However, if you’re considering increasing your home’s value or even upgrading your roof, metal roofing should be your first option.

These are benefits of having a metal roofing system:

Energy efficiency

Metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays rather than absorbing it. During summer, a lot of people struggle with hefty cooling costs. Research shows that metal roofs outperform asphalt and tile roofs when it comes to energy efficiency.


With the average life of tile roofs being 17 years, metal roofs come with a lifetime guarantee that you’ll never have to worry about your roof ever again. Additionally, you will not have to do frequent maintenance when your wooden roofs shake off and fall.

Variety of colors to choose from

Unlike tiles which have a single color, metal roofs have designer colors and can be repainted when needed. In addition, metal roofs are manufactured in a variety of patterns and designs giving you an option to choose which design perfectly complements your house.

Ease of installation

An experienced roof repair company in Utah can easily install a metal roof in a matter of minutes. Most metal roofing materials come in sections and this makes the work easier for the contractor. Being lightweight, metal roofs are also great at shedding snow and water.’

Fire resistance

Metal roofs are given a Class A fire rating meaning they are the mist resistant to any type of combustion. Materials beneath the surface could ignite and that is why it’s advisable to have non-combustible materials under your metal roof.

If you’re looking to save money in the long run, metal roofs are an ideal roofing system. They not only save energy, but they are also easy to install.

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