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The Wonders of the Sun: Uses of Solar Energy

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Uses of Solar EnergySolar energy is among the many natural resources that people take for granted. With the technology in use today, the average person can’t live a day without electricity. Fortunately, many eco-friendly individuals are promoting the sun’s uses and benefits. A good example is the installation of solar energy systems.

Traffic Signs

The road is dangerous if there aren’t any rules set to organise drivers and pedestrians alike. Solar-powered traffic signs, either flexible or wireless, keep you safe while driving. It saves up to 3,000 dollars-worth of electricity annually, which is a good way to cut down expenses. These are made of LED lights, which don’t consume much energy. An average model can last up to ten years and work even if there’s a power outage.

Water Temperature

The sun is the greatest source of heat, so it’s beneficial for those who want to regulate the household’s temperature. For instance, low-maintenance solar hot water systems can heat water in your bathroom or swimming pool, making it ideal for bathing. This also allows you to save at least 90% on electricity costs and prevent greenhouse gas emissions.

Water Purification

The heat from the sun can turn average tap water into purified, drinking water. All you have to do is own these two devices:

  • Solar Boxes – This insulated wooden frame has a transparent lid with black interior paint to concentrate solar energy. The pot inside contains water that can heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Solar boxes can pasteurise at least a gallon of water in three hours.
  • Solar Stills – This device uses water-resistant material, which creates a shallow pool of water. Its mounted glass top concentrates the sun’s rays, heating up the water inside. After that, the vapour will rise and condense on the glass’ surface.

Who could’ve imagined that using solar hot water systems and other environment-friendly devices have such benefits? These electricity alternatives don’t only save your budget, but keeps the planet safe from harmful emissions that destroy it.

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