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injuiry claims

Workplace Accidents: What Makes You Eligible for Injury Claims

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injuiry claimsWorkplace accidents happen anywhere, resulting in injuries of varying degrees. There are even times when companies implement the most stringent of policies and set the necessary precautions, but still encounter an unfortunate case or two.

Workers unfortunate enough to suffer accidents in the work place may be eligible for compensation when they file a work accident injury claim, says These include injuries suffered while performing tasks at the workplace or illnesses contracted because of factors that exist within the working environment.

How exactly do you know if you are entitled to claim, though? Below is a list of common factors in the workplace that can make you eligible for injury & health claims:

  • Workplace Slips – Though they may be relatively simple accidents, you are still entitled to compensation if there is negligence on your employer’s part to implement preventive measures for such accidents.
  • Hazardous Machinery – Quite a lot of industries call for the operation of different machineries. It is rather unfortunate though that most of these can pose a threat to employees’ physical well-being.
  • Falling Debris – Hazards such as falling debris are fairly common among industries related to construction. As it is an obvious threat to the safety and well-being of workers, it entitles them for compensation should they be unfortunate enough to suffer injuries because of debris.
  • Toxic Environment – Certain jobs call for the handling of toxic substances or noxious fumes. When this happens on a daily basis, there is always the risk of injury or even slow health degradation.
  • Lack of Training – Many industries rely heavily on certain specialised equipment for work operations. It then falls on management to give ample training for employees on how to handle them accurately and safely.

It is your right to have ample protection from otherwise preventable accidents and health hazards. Should untoward incidents happen, file for an accident claim to make sure you obtain just compensation.

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