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You’re on the Right Track: Improving Your Sense of Direction

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A young woman holding a map while looking for directions Many people think of themselves as a failure when it comes to map reading. Some even think that the adeptness when it comes to direction is some sort of talent or blessing. This “gift” can come in handy, especially when travelling.

This should not be the case, as you can still work on your sense of direction. If you’re excited to get a used car for sale and hit the road, Fletch’s GMC Buick Audi and other experts recommend sharpening your sense of direction and homing abilities when driving. Here are some of them:

Read maps

This may seem a no-brainer, but many people lack the patience and initiative to read maps. GPS can be helpful, but what if it fails? You need to have a fallback and that is your map. You have to learn how to read it, whether it’s digital or not.

Make it a habit by hanging a map of your city on your wall. Every day before going to work, figure out how you’ll get to the office from your home. You may find and try new routes as well. Pay attention to legends, as well.

Take note of landmarks

To remember locations, you can always count on landmarks. A remarkable or memorable object can serve as a mnemonic device, which can help you remember places. This can be anything, from stores to statues and newspaper stands. Make sure that your reference is striking and easy to remember.

Gamify it

Who says there’s no fun when improving this skill? Now is the right time to play as many video games as you can. A number of video games require you to read maps to complete missions. This, in turn, will help sharpen the way you view your surroundings spatially.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when you’re looking to improve your sense of direction. Ditch your GPS for a while and take a map with you.

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