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Neighbourhoods in Auckland

3 Coolest Auckland Neighbourhoods to Live In

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Neighbourhoods in Auckland Featuring skyscrapers with breathtaking natural landscapes and an inspiring multi-ethnic appeal, Auckland is a mix of everything. Combined with an ideal weather all year-round, everybody can enjoy outdoor activities whether they’re living alone or with their growing family. There are so many reasons Auckland ranked high in one of the planet’s most liveable cities.

If you’re planning to move, you need to hire moving and removal companies in Auckland. Their rates depend on where you’re moving, so make a solid decision on your destination. Here are some of most sought-after neighbourhoods in this bustling urban area:

Auckland CBD

This is the heart of the city. Far from the solitude and calm environment that Auckland is famous for, this area is swarming with bars, cafes, visitor attractions and all things vibrant. Located close to all the big businesses, this neighbourhood is ideal for people who don’t want a long commute to work. What’s more is you can enjoy the street markets and art galleries during your free time.


The base of the Royal New Zealand Navy, this quirky seaside suburb is as popular for its great restaurants and bars. There is a huge assortment of vintage-style antique and gift stores, which is ideal for collectors and those who prefer a rustic home appearance. Tourists can hop on a ferry and discover another side of Devonport, while enjoying a dinner under the starlit sky.


Parnell is a picturesque and much sought-after suburb located outside the CBD. It features some of the city’s finest art galleries, boutiques and heritage structures. Life here is slightly more laid back and affordable compared to other neighbourhoods. There is a convenient transport system linking to the CBD, as well. This neighbourhood is ideal for people who want quick access to their workplaces without actually living in the faced paced and costly business districts.

These places in Auckland make a great place to live for young professionals and small families. If you’re moving between neighbourhoods, you might want to hire the services of professionals to make the process easier.

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