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3 Gift Ideas for Your Top Customers

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Gift IdeasWhether it’s for the year-end holidays, celebrating your anniversary of working together, or your client’s birthday, giving gifts has and will always be a big part of doing business. People remember the gifts they like. If you are good at giving gifts, this gives you a foot forward and keeps you on your client’s good side.

So what makes a great gift? For business-related gifts, a big factor you need to consider is how to keep the gift professional and not tacky. With that in mind, here are three gift ideas for your top clients.

A personally hand-picked book

Go over the books you’ve recently read and choose the one you think you could share with your clients. Business books are best, but don’t be afraid to choose other genres. This is one of the most excellent gifts you can give your clients. Make sure to include a personalised note of why you think they would enjoy the book.

A personalised item

This can go two ways — something personalised after your client’s attributes or one that is personalised after your company. recommends consulting the right people for choices. It might be a good idea to commission several items personalised after your company, so you always have a gift you can give for different occasions. For special clients, consider a wine bottle with your company’s seal along with a nice heartfelt note thanking them for their continued patronage.

A donation on their behalf

This is a gift that can go exceptionally well if you play it right. Choose a charity that is neutral, so you won’t want to spark a political debate over a gift. For this gift, it’s best to know what causes your client really cares about. The key is to make it very personal. Make a donation on their behalf and send them the note from the charity. Make sure you include who exactly benefits from the donation — be it children, animals, research, etc.

Whatever gift you choose, make sure that you keep it as personal as possible. Make them feel special and let them know that you really put thought into what you sent.

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