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Studies Show Men Are More Concerned With Appearance

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Cosmetic DentistryEverybody is concerned with how they look to some extent. If not, then plastic surgeons would be out of business. Practices such as Bow House, a Centre of Dental Excellence which offers cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics, among others, may also suffer the same fate. It is safe to say that physical appearance is an important fact of society.

Common perception has also suggested that women are more concerned with their appearance. It’s easy to understand why most people, especially men, believe this. With the number of beauty products and clothing lines aimed at women, it’s easy to see why women are thought of as more concerned about their looks. But according to recent studies, it’s the other way around. Men worry more about physical attractiveness, and there is data to prove it.

A Big Misconception

A study from the University of the West of England’s Centre for Appearance Research demonstrated that 81 percent of the men asked, worried about their physical appearance. That’s more than four in five individuals. In comparison, about 75 percent of women questioned shared the same thoughts. It’s also revealed that 38 percent of men express willingness to sacrifice at least a year of their life for an ideal body.

The study involved 394 British men and was courtesy of the Central YMCA and the charity Succeed Foundation. Central YMCA chief executive Rosi Prescott notes how these results seem to contradict common perceptions that women are more concerned about their appearance. The researchers also note how the respondents blamed celebrities and the media for ‘perpetuating’ unrealistic ideals concerning physical attractiveness.

Another study, this time conducted by American media outlets TODAY and AOL, shows largely similar results. Men worried more about their appearance more than their health, family, and careers. 53 of the study’s respondents said that they feel bad about their looks once a week. Furthermore, the same percentage didn’t like having their pictures taken, and 41 percent claim they worry about being judged based on appearance.

It’s not unusual to worry about appearance, since most people judge on first impressions. Whether it’s a social function or a career move, a good first impression counts — something which unfortunately, often stems from stereotypically good looks.

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