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Be Aware of the Negative Effects of Hard Water

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Hard WaterThe most evident effect of hard water is the annoying white deposit on glassware, dishes, cooking pans and sinks. Secretly, hard water eats on your family budget. The increased wear and tear on the washing machine demands constant repairs; the shorted fabric life means you will new to keep replacing your old discolored clothes with new ones, and the extra budget on detergent needed to soften water.

Fortunately, a high-quality water softener equipment will provide a permanent solution to these problems and their financial impacts.

Here are some hard water problems that may not be so obvious: 

Effects on the skin

The high concentrations of undissolved minerals of calcium and dolomite are harsh to your skin. They act by breaking down the collagen and elastin found in the healthy skin. This exposes the skin to the effects the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Hard water also dries out your skin and deprives it of natural oils causing skin irritations. Whenever you bath with hard water, the soap mixes with the water to form a sticky dull film on the skin. This makes it hard for the body’s natural oils to reach the epidermis of the skin interfering with the skin's antimicrobial properties. The result is acne breakouts.

Problems in Pipework

Hard water forms limescale deposits in the water-using appliances blocking the water flow thus deterring their functionality. Besides, the limescale in hard water clogs the pipes causing wear on the moving parts. Ultimately, this requires pipe replacement increasing your energy bills by up to 25 percent.


Clothes washed in hard water discolor quickly, and end up look dingy and scratchy Adding detergent into the water may soften hard water, but it is costly and contributes to water pollution, besides too much detergent is not safe for your fabrics. Instead of going through all this trouble, the better solution would be fit in a water softener in Bountiful; a permanent solution to your problems.

Hard water may not be an issue for the human body; it, however, has devastating effects on many other household appliances. Thus the sooner you deal with the hard water in your home, the sooner you will save more cash over the long haul.

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