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Things to Do, Places to Be: A Guide to Living in Stratford

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Backpacking in TaranakiWith a population of 8,991, the name ‘Stratford’ came from William Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. Here, most of the streets are related to the famous playwright and if you go to Glockenspiel clock tower, you have the opportunity to watch a five-minute version of Romeo and Juliet at different times during the day – at 10am, 1pm, 3pm and 7pm.

If you and your family are looking to buy or rent a house in Stratford, then this guideline to living in the area hopefully convinces you.

A Humble Town

It is a small town, meaning that everyone knows each other. But locals share that compared to big cities, there is no rush hour traffic and there is free parking anywhere you go. Plus, it is a good place for night owls, as you will feel safe even if you stay out until the early hours of the morning.

Guess what, you are sure to get a job here because compared to the rest of the country, the unemployment rate here is two percent less.

Sports, especially netball and rugby, are the town’s obsessions and the weather here, winters in Stratford can be cold and unrelenting. So, if you are not up for those things, then maybe this place is not for you.

Education in Taranaki

From early childcare to tertiary education, Stratford is sure to provide your children with the quality of education they need – may it be single-sex or co-educational, secular or religious, parents have an array of options to choose from.

Their region is part of the global Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network (KAREN), which provides 1GB broadband to education providers, as well as researchers.

Walking Trails for Peace of Mind

If you like backpacking, then you have come to the right place. It is home to impressive sights, such as Mt Damper Falls, nestled in the Taranaki forests and one of the highest in New Zealand at 74 metres high. With its even surface, you can venture into this place with any footwear.

Another one is the Cardiff Centennial Walkway, a riverbank walkway loaded with river flats and steep slopes. If you are up for an adventure, then you are in luck, as on this trail, you will encounter a swing bridge, a native bush and farmland, as well as two weirs.

Looking for a place filled with fun and relaxation for the whole family? In Stratford, Taranaki, you will find the solace and the culture you need.

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