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How a Luxury Restroom Service Can Make You Big Money

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Operating a luxury restroom trailer rental business can be profitable with the right approach. We have a few tips for current and prospective owners.

Organize Job Territories

Trying to maintain units in a select area allows technicians to clean more during the day and streamline repairs. Drivers can create routes for servicing to save time and money.

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Use good software to manage customers, supplies, and payroll.

Be Reliable

For potential and current clients, professionalism is pivotal. Do simple things like setting up voicemail, avoiding noisy environments when on calls, and having staff show up on time.

Use Clever Advertising

Putting the company’s name and phone number on each trailer is basically free advertising. Many people will see it and may want a luxury restroom trailer for upcoming events or recommend the business to others.

Don’t Underbid For Service

Yes, bathroom rental companies can be competitive, but even small or newer ones shouldn’t compromise by lowering prices to get jobs. Funds will be needed to prepare for future growth that will require new hires, training, unit purchases, and expanding overhead costs.

If operations are streamlined, run smoothly and each unit stays clean and tidy, there’s profit to be made. Take these tips to boost business and enjoy greater financial success.


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