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3 Practical Tips to Maintain Your Paint Job

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Young worker painting wall in roomJust like most things in life, when you do paintwork right and care for it properly, it can last for years. This will ensure that you keep enjoying the fresh and beautiful look of your home. Following the below tips will ensure that your paintwork lasts for years to come.

Be vigilant on spots and stains

As time goes, spots and stains will appear on your freshly done paint job. It is therefore prudent to keep a close eye on most prone areas such as the staircase, kitchen, children’s bedrooms, hallways, and etcetera. Children and pets frequent most of these areas.

The best way to deal with spots and stains is by cleaning them immediately. If left untreated, the more the likelihood they will become permanent. When it comes to cleaning them, try using damp sponge and water. If they still do not come out, you can add a small amount of dish soap to your sponge.

Dealing with fading

All reliable painters here in Wellington will tell you that using low-quality paint in your house causes fading paint. It is not only unattractive, but it makes your paintwork seem old than it actually is. Apart from investing in high-quality coat, you should also try to protect your paintwork from direct sunlight.

You can use curtains and blinders to block the incoming sunlight for the interior paints. You can even tint your windows with UV protecting films.

Wash your house

Just like you clean other areas to get rid of any accumulating dirt, your home needs washing at least once a year. This washing is separate from the one done on the stain-prone areas and mostly includes the exterior paintwork.

This will ensure that you wash off any dirt that may hurt your paint such as bird droppings, moulds and the like. This will not only protect the paintwork from damage, but it will ensure that the exterior of your home keeps shining.

Caring for the paint job is an essential part. This is what will determine how long you will enjoy the new and fresh look of your house. The above tips will enable you to care for your paint properly.

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