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Vape with Care: How to Maintain Your E-Cigarette

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Man enjoying his e-cig with his womanVaping has risen in popularity as newer models flood the market. These products are being sought mostly by millennials, the Gen Zs, and people who wish to quit smoking cigarettes. It is even on the rise among teenagers and school children.

Vapes, or e-cigarettes, are not indestructible, but they need regular maintenance, both for the unit’s durability and the user’s safety.

Maintaining an E-Cigarette

E-cigarettes need to be in top condition if you are to keep using them. Experts at know that vaping can be used as a way to quit smoking, and that is why regular maintenance is essential. It is still an electronic device that always comes in contact with liquid. Extra measures are needed for the safe use of the unit.

The steps to maintaining a vape may seem a little intimidating to newbies, but after continuous practice, they’ll be feeling like a pro. Here are some of the basic tips:

  • Clean your e-cigarette – Vapes collect dirt, debris, and e-liquid residue when in constant use. Regular cleaning will ensure its excellent condition.
  • Take care of the battery – Use the battery often, but never drain it thoroughly before charging.
  • Watch the e-liquid – Make sure the e-liquid doesn’t go below the holes in the atomizer, nor should it go above the level of the center tube.
  • Store it correctly – Store the e-cigarette upright and keep away from high temperatures and direct sunlight.
  • Change the coil every month – The coil is consumable and needs to be changed regularly, especially when the vapor starts to have a burnt taste.

Why Choose E-cigarettes over Cigarettes

After several studies done on the components of an e-cig’s juice, scientists have found that all the chemicals in the liquid combined still don’t have the level of toxicity a traditional cigarette has. The number of cigarette smokers has gone down, as well, as most now use e-cigs as a replacement for regular smokes.

Though e-cigarettes have divided the public health world’s opinion, it still hasn’t stopped its continuous boom among those who see it as a healthier alternative to smoking.

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