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3 Reasons Video Marketing Is On The Rise

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Youtube is being accessed on a mobile phoneAccording to Forbes, there are more than half a billion people watching videos on Facebook daily. The social media giant goes on to state that in the next four years, online video traffic will exceed eighty percent of all consumer Internet traffic. Hubspot narrows it down to seventy-four percent in 2017 while Internet hardware giant Cisco states that global web traffic from videos will reach eighty percent of the total Internet traffic by 2019.

Good For Business

The foregoing statistics indicate that the popularity of video content can only rise rapidly. The question asked by many decision makers is whether these statistics have any bearing on business. A survey revealed that almost eighty percent of marketers and small business owners who have invested in video marketing claim that it has a direct effect on their business.

Insivia reports that eighty percent of Twitter users watch video content on the social media platform while over five hundred million hours of videos are watched daily on YouTube. As intimidating as these statistics may seem, they are quite succinct given the global spread. Across Europe and even in London, more businesses are getting the services of a reputable video agency.

Video marketing seems to be the fastest growing strategy today, with many brands keying into its burgeoning potentials. Here are three reasons for its rapid rise:

Reduced Costs of Shooting and Production

Many years ago, video shooting and production was the exclusive privilege of large corporations and medium-sized companies willing to go out on a limb. Now, diffusion of technology has enabled even small companies and individuals to shoot and edit videos cost-effectively.

Video Content Gains Trust

Video marketing has the potential to strengthen customer engagement and for this reason, trust increases when video content is used. But in order to gain your audience’s trust, your video must be engaging and effective.

People Can Now Produce and Consume

Features such as Facebook Live allow consumers and brands to create and share their own videos. Other than reducing entry costs, it enables people to be consumers and producers.

Video content marketing is growing in leaps and bounds and to get the best out of this activity, brands are turning to professional video agencies for excellent services.

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