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Pile of coins, a piggy bank and a miniature house

Top Tips to Save Money When Buying a New House

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Pile of coins, a piggy bank and a miniature houseBuying your dream house does not have to ruin you financially. While homes seldom come cheap, there are many ways you can save money during the buying process. Try one of these simple ones.

Look for the best mortgage rates

Most homebuyers use a mortgage to finance their homes. If you intend to do the same, you will need to be smart when looking for a mortgage lender in Portland such as Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Different lenders provide different terms and rates for mortgages. Visit a number of banks first and compare their offers. Then go for the lowest prices you can find, provided there are no hidden charges.

Be cautious as you make decisions

Once you get approval for a mortgage, it is likely like you will want to start the house hunting process immediately. This is an exciting period, but you need to check your emotions as you decide on which house to buy.

Before committing to buy a house, compare alternatives. Then take a few days to make up your mind which option suits you best.

Bargain the price

You bargain while buying clothes, shoes, electronics, and other stuff, so why not do it as you buy a home? Most sellers would be willing to lower the price, provided the buyer requested for a discount. Take advantage of this and get to save some money.

Bring someone along

There are many little defects you may not notice once you fall in love with a house. Therefore, it is prudent to let a friend or spouse tag along as you view the home. Your companion can spot some of the faults that the house may have and advise you accordingly.

If you decide to take the house anyway, those little faults could help you as you bargain for a lower price.

The home buying process can seem complex, particularly if you are doing it for the first time. By making a few smart choices, however, you can get the house you are looking for and still save much-needed dollars in the process.

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