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Woman visiting a dentist

3 Things People Often Fear About Dentists

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Woman visiting a dentistBased on figures from the Oral Health Foundation in the UK, nearly half of the adult population fears a visit to the dentist, with approximately 12 per cent having extreme fear. Of course, London dentists, whether in Penge or Enfield, are highly-skilled professionals whose patient-dentist relationship is focused on reducing apprehensions. However, if you do shudder at the thought of a check-up, here are three possible reasons.

You had a bad experience that prevents you from going back

Many people who openly fear dentists are those who previously had a bad dental experience. Perhaps it was major dental treatment that you left to the last minute, and you had to take the first dentist available. Another cause of a bad experience maybe you not knowing what’s going on, or not feeling in control.  Finding a good dentist is easier with the internet, although word-of-mouth can be just as reliable.

You don’t have money for all the dental treatments you need

Dental procedures can be expensive, but you need to understand that many treatments could have been avoided if you go to the dentist for regular check-ups. If you’re short of funds, several dentists offer treatment to their clients at discounted prices.

You have a legitimate fear of dentists

Some people are extremely afraid of dentists, particularly children who may see them as intimidating. Dentists are now more sensitive when treating these patients, and use better patient etiquette. That’s why many dentists often have get-to-know meetings before any treatment.

Nip the Fear in the Bud

If you don’t address your fear of dentists, you may end up putting off treatment until the problem becomes excruciatingly painful. Don’t wait until it’s too late for you and your smile ‒ find a friendly dentist, have regular check-ups and nip the fear in the bud.

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