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3 Types of Ads and Their Different Strengths

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Business PromotionAdvertising has been and will always be part of promoting businesses because it can help you reach audiences that won’t know about your business otherwise. Without effective advertisements, you’ll have a hard time growing your client base and making a profit will take longer than usual.

Here are three of the most effective and prominent types of advertising that you can do for your business to find success.

TV Advertising

Since TV is one of the biggest market forms of communication, it’s no wonder that businesses can place their ads by buying airtime from different channels and networks. This is an effective medium especially for national and international brands because of TV’s wide coverage. According to Singtel Media, Singtel TV advertising uses a few seconds or minutes to air a commercial in between breaks of different TV shows. This is quite expensive, so make sure your ads are engaging, entertaining, informative, and interesting to the audience.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is one of the first types of advertising. From newspapers and magazines to fliers and brochures, you definitely have come across this medium many times in your life. Although print advertising has been declining in popularity because of new media, it still has a lot of power left in it. For starters, the reach of your print ads are practically endless because anyone can come across printed material from years ago and still see your ad.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is slowly but surely becoming the norm in today’s society. Since almost everyone can access the web at the touch of their fingertips, online ads have become more effective into turning site visitors into actual customers. People who used to spend time watching the television, listening to the radio, or reading magazines now use the internet more than ever. That gives online advertising a newfound edge that can definitely help any business to turn in more profit.

The best types of ads depend on your target market and the industry you’re in. Be wise in choosing so you can get the most out of your ads.

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