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3 Ways You Can Avoid Car Break-Ins

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A man who broke in someone's car and looking through their things Imagine walking out into the parking lot and into your car. You find your door slightly ajar and the purse you left inside have gone missing. You, my friend, are now a bona fide victim of a car break-in.

Auckland usually is host to over 300 car thefts and break-ins every week. To make sure you won’t be the next victim, here are tips you should really follow:

Clean Your Car

A thief just doesn’t break into any car. More often than not, they try to see what they can get from the visible windows. Make sure no valuables are visible from the outside, or if possible, don’t leave valuables inside your car. You often park in open spaces and you leave it behind, thus never treat confuse your car for a locker.

Lock Your Car

This is obvious, but this is less of a habit for people than one would expect. Your five-minute run to the coffee shop might actually last for 20 minutes (long lines), a quick dash back to the office might last for 30 minutes (sudden discussion), and all the while your car might be sending invites to criminals in the vicinity. If you’re going out of your car, make a habit of locking it. No excuses. If you think your locks are broken, have professionals from the likes of Sail City Locksmiths do an inspection.

Park in a Visible Area

Don’t park where there are barely any people; this will just create an enticing site for a robbery. Instead, park your car where there is a significant amount of footfall. This way, thieves will be less emboldened to coat hanger their way into the vehicle.

Having your car broken into is an absolute nightmare. Aside from the material loss, thieves may also tamper with the mechanical locks, which will require a fixing. The experience can also be traumatic. By applying the tips provided here and making them into habits, one may very easily deter thieves from making you a victim of their crime.

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