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3 Ways You Can Turn Your Basement into a Family Room

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You probably don’t use your basement except for storing old clothes and other items. And yet, it can be useful even if it doesn’t count toward the overall square footage of the home. All you have to do is to transform and finish it in a way that benefits your family the most.

The average cost of finishing a basement ranges anywhere from $6,500 to $18,500. It could be more if you decide to customize it to your satisfaction. Just think of it as a long-term investment in your family’s happiness.

But what can you do with the basement? What can you design in that space to enable your family to spend more time together?

   1. Bowling alley

If you have always wanted a two-lane bowling alley in your home, renovating your basement could be the way to get it. Bowling is an easy-going game that most people can play. All the walking you will do will help burn calories. Since the bowling ball is quite heavy, it will also help strengthen your muscles as you continuously swing and grip it to play.

Additionally, bowling helps improve hand-eye coordination and enhances flexibility. It’s easy to learn and can be an excellent way to have fun while staying fit as a family, even when the weather outside is not favorable.

   2. Music room

game roomAre you part of a musical family? Or have you always wanted to be a part of one? It may be a good idea to finish your basement and turn it into a music room. With its position relative to the house, the basement is the perfect spot to muffle the sounds coming from musical instruments.

Learning music has so many benefits. Research shows that music helps improve brain development in young children while enhancing long-term memory for anyone who learns it. Music helps reduce stress and depression, making it an excellent activity if you have a family member with mental health issues. Playing a musical instrument can also help your child gain confidence. Other benefits of music learning include improved creativity, patience, and non-verbal IQ.

   3. Family theater

Who says you can’t have a theater in your own home?

A basement is an excellent place to install a family theater. You can build one with comfortable seating and the best screen and sound systems your money can buy. You can even place several more seats than you need so that you can invite your friends over for movie nights. It would be a wonderful way to share your love of films with your loved ones.

A basement does not have to remain unfinished. Neither should it always be converted into a storage space for things you no longer need. With adequate funds, good design and planning, and a little bit of creativity, you can turn your basement into a fun, exciting family room. You and your loved ones can spend time most of your weekends and holidays there and create memories that will last for a lifetime.

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