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4 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Wallpaper Design

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Placing Wallpaper on a White WallWallpaper is a stylish alternative to painting walls. It comes in various designs, patterns, and colours, offering homeowners a wide selection of decors for their various rooms. Before you choose a wallpaper design, it is important to know how different designs affect the overall look of a room. It is also essential to know which walls are ideal for wallpaper, and which ones are better off with paint.

Here are some things you need to know before choosing a wallpaper design:

  • Dark Coloured Wallpapers Make a Small Room Smaller

Interior designers do not recommend the use of dark coloured wallpapers in small rooms. Wallpapers with large and elaborate patterns are also not ideal for small rooms. Instead, experts suggest the use of wallpapers with small patterns and light colours, as they make the room wider and bigger.

  • Rooms with Low Ceilings Need Dip-Dyed Wallpapers

Dip-dyed wallpapers have strong colours at the bottom and fade out to neutrals or white at the top. They make the walls look taller. notes that wallpapers with vertical patterns, such as stripes, also create the same effect. Experts advise homeowners to paint the ceiling with white or a light colour to achieve the illusion of extra height.

  • Dark Wallpapers Highlight Bright Furniture

Any bright-coloured furniture stands out if you place it in front of a dark wall. Thus, if you want to highlight your furniture, consider their colours whenever you pick a wallpaper design.

  • Wallpaper with Colourful and Large Designs Dictate the Overall Look of the Room

Before picking out the wallpaper with the most elaborate design, think if you can decorate the rest of the room according to the large designs of that wallpaper. Wallpaper with large designs usually becomes the focus of the room.

Wallpapers can make or break the appearance of a room. So you should never rush the process of choosing a wallpaper design, and you should always consider the other elements in the room.

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